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Our Sausages

We take real pride in our sausages which means we make everyone by hand ourselves in the shop. If you love sausages but are concerned about processed meat and the quality of the ingredients used you can place your faith in our recipes.

Many people worry about the meat that goes into their sausages but there are no secrets in our bangers. We only use good quality cuts of meat that we would be happy to see on our dinner plate - great meat means great sausage!

Chunky cuts of pork are weighed to create a 5kg batch of sausages. This meat is then loaded into the mincer by Tommy.

The minced pork is mixed with seasoning and rusk. What is rusk? In the old days we used to use left over bread from the baker's across the road. The product we use now has the same ingredients as bread but comes as a dry crumb which is easier to mix and produces a more consistent mix. The seasoning and rusk add flavour and prevent the sausage from becoming too dense and fatty. Without them the sausage would not cook well.

The mix is then loaded into our sausage maker which squeezes the meat into natural sausage skins - no artifical plastic skins here!

We then turn this single, giant sausage into links by hand. These can be hung and displayed.

We don't just produce plain sausages. Some of our favourites include:

  • Cumberland

  • Tomato

  • Welsh Dragon

  • Apple

  • And other guest sausages

Come into the shop to see what we have on offer this week.

If you have any questions about our sausages and the ingredients used, including allergy concerns, we will be happy to answer them because we know exactly what's in them.

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